Old barrels get a new life

By buying old wooden barrels from Slavonian cellars and restoring them, we give them a new life to create our barrel aged gin.

Small distillery with a big heart

All the production, bottling and packaging is done by us, with a few guiding wise words from parents, which you won’t find in any book.

Strong connection with location

From the herbs that dominate the gin, to the water that goes into the distillate, to the label and logo shape – every one piece has a strong connection to Kaptol, Papuk and the Iron Age.

Award winning craft gins that respect tradition

Slavonian craft gins, made from herbs grown in the forest underneath the mountain Papuk, that has astonished even the most experienced tastebuds at prestigious national and international spirits competitions.

What makes Castrum Gin special

  • Spring water
    We use natural spring water from Papuk for making our gin.
  • Secret ingredient
    Castrum Gin has a secret ingredient strongly connected to Kaptol, but it can be detected by only the most experienced tastebuds.
  • Special spices
    Complementary to classic spices such as juniper, star anise, coriander and hibiscus, Castrum Gin is permeated with spices specific to Slavonia – black mulberry leaves and elderflower seeds.
  • “The Happy Machine”
    Modern still, bought from Fresl family which has a rich tradition of producing stills, hasn’t disappointed not one bit during distilling. On the contrary, it liked showing off its magic to people coming over during distillation, as well as the impatient owners waiting to see new drops of divine scent and taste.
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  • Maceration
    Natural spring water is added to wheat distillate. Then come the spices, and every one of them macerates according to planned schedule, to release more aroma.
  • Distillation
    The process in which “The Happy Machine” does most of the work. The distillation takes place until the output spirit contains 40% alcohol by volume, at which point the distillation ends. The final spirit proof goes beyond 70%, which is lowered by adding more quality distilled water to reach the target proof.
  • Aging
    Gin ages in stainless steel barrels for a month before its bottled. The barrel aged gin takes even more time aging in wooden barrels.
  • Bottling and labelling
    Bottling and labelling
    Every bottle is filled by hand. Then it gets to labelling, after which the gin is ready to make new tasters happy.

Castrum gin

Castrum Gin comes in two flavours, and whichever you choose, with the first sip you’ll feel the breath of Slavonia on your tastebuds, wherever you find yourself at the moment.

  • Gift box

    The gift box that Castrum gin gives extra charm
    4.00 Buy me
  • Planinkovac 0,2L

    A wealth of flavors in a small bottle
    9.00 Buy me
  • Planinkovac 0,7L

    The wealth of flavors from the heart of Slavonia
    20.00 Buy me
  • Sold out!

    Castrum Barrel Aged Gin with wooden box

    Castrum Barrel Aged Gin with wooden box
    53.00 Buy me
  • Castrum London Dry Gin 0,7L

    Largest edition of our Slavonian craft gin
    34.00 Buy me
  • Castrum London Dry Gin 0,5L

    Slavonian craft gin, enriched by natural spring water
    26.00 Buy me
  • Castrum London Dry Gin 0,2L

    Rhapsody of Slavonian flavours in a tiny bottle
    12.00 Buy me
  • Gift package “Kernos”

    Kernos was a type of Iron Age drinking vessel.
    23.00 Buy me
  • Gift package “Askos”

    Askos was a ritual drinking pottery vessel used by Hallstatt warriors
    34.00 Buy me
  • Gift package “Mahajra”

    Mahajra was a curved sword, a weapon of Hallstatt warriors
    40.00 Buy me

What do Castrum Gin lovers say?

The count of Papuk is jealous that he hasn’t had the chance to try this gin in his time, made so close to his chambers, but he is also probably proud to have his horse’s ornament decorate this extraordinary gin.

Josip, Velika

We spent The First of May weekend tasting new gin in a small place underneath Papuk. Distillery is led by extraordinarily pleasant team with a movie-worthy story behind the whole project. Mihovil and Iva have brought the sole appearance of a bottle of spirit to a higher level. Great company, phenomenal gin, and a sunny Saturday you could only wish for.

Matej M., Kaptol

Gin is really very good and specific, so drinkable and the smell as soon as you open it is great! I can't find any complaints, and I can already see how one day the empty bottle will be a decoration on my shelf because I like the design. I'm glad that I took 3 bottles at the start so that I don't whine soon that I miss this fine gin.
Tea, Požega

Hm, where to start… extraordinarily prepared and guided tasting. With the whole story, the enticing scent of gin and Slavonian delicacies – you instantly separate from reality and simply turn to pleasure. If you find yourself nearby, be sure to visit and taste Castrum gin.
Filip, Skradnik

To say this gin is world-class is an understatement. The bottle itself looks amazing, and when you open it, the homey scent instantly mesmerizes and when you taste it you feel a delight for your tastebuds. There is nothing better than pouring and enjoying some Castrum gin!
Đuro, Vienna

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Where can you drink Castrum Gin?

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